Books that will inspire you to travel

Sant Jordi It is one of the most emblematic festivals in Catalonia, a whole celebration that unites love and tradition with culture. The two most important symbols of this date are books and roses. This tradition marked by books, stories and romanticism is centered on the patron saint of Catalonia since the 15th century, Sant Jordi.

Legend has it that in a town in Montblanc a dragon appeared that did not stop spreading terror among the neighbors. Its inhabitants decided to draw lots to decide who was going to be delivered to the dragon. The king’s daughter turned out to be the selected one, but she was saved by a knight named Saint George. The knight killed the dragon and from it arose a rose that he gave to the princess. Since then it is traditional that every April 23 a book and a rose are given away.

As we at Aerobús love to travel, we offer you several titles that will encourage you to want to travel. Take note of all of them!

You will be a tourist

The book is a compendium of tips proposed by the authors with new ways of traveling the world turning the trip into a game with strange and somewhat crazy proposals, but fun to travel. For example, they deal with the topic of what it is like to become a “tourist” and how to escape it. Its authors are two bloggers Itziar Marcotegui and Pablo Strubell.


The 4 hour work week

This book is not about travel, or at least directly. It is a reference classic for all travelers and digital nomads. Author Timothy Ferriss explains a lot about the life philosophy of making the most of your limited time and not wasting it working 80 hour weeks.

There is no shortage of good advice on managing your time and against procrastination. Above all, how to start an online business, how to guide it, strategies, benefits, etc. Sometimes it can be too idealistic and impractical. Even if you don’t want to undertake online, it is 100% recommended, since it shows that another lifestyle is possible.


The Art of travel

This book is only in English and it is very worth reading as the author Alain de Botton tries to open your eyes and suggests that you pay attention to everyday life so that the commonplace becomes a new and wonderful one every day. It also proposes a change in your environment to see things as you would see them from a traveler’s point of view or “vacation” mentality.



Wild by Cheryl Strayed is one of my favorite books for people looking for travel inspiration. It tells the story of how the author undertook a long hike through the Pacific Ridge Trail as a way of dealing with traumas that had occurred in her life. The story of her challenges along the trail is interspersed with flashbacks to earlier events that led her to start the trek.

The story can be a great inspiration as it shows how traveling, and specifically being active and outdoors, can lead to personal growth and help overcome complex events. It’s also inspiring due to the fact that Strayed had no previous trekking experience, so it shows that anything is possible if you put in the effort.


Travel through life

From the author Martha Debayle invites you to look at yourself introspectively to realize what are the things that block you or do not allow you to move forward in life. But he does not talk about how we should face death, but how we should live life to reach death without regret.


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