Safe and sustainable mobility

COVID-19 Protocol

Aerobús offers a safe journey to all its passengers, complying at all times with the regulations and recommendations of the health authorities.


The mask is no longer mandatory in public transport. We recommend using the mask in the case of symptoms compatible with the flu, covid-19 or other respiratory diseases..


Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers

All vehicles are equipped with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, both for staff and for passengers to use when boarding and alighting the bus.

Eating and drinking is prohibited

It is forbidden to eat and drink during the entire Aerobús journey. In addition, it is recommended to avoid talking on the phone or with other passengers in order to reduce the spread of the virus by aerosols.

Daily cleaning and disinfection of our buses

We follow a strict cleaning protocol that is carried out every day on all buses that have performed a service and where highly effective disinfectant and viricide materials approved by the Ministry of Health are used.


Continuous air renewal system

The system guarantees 99.76% elimination of viruses and 93% elimination of fungi and bacteria. In addition, our driving staff have the interior air recirculation function deactivated to ensure that the air inside the bus is as fresh as possible at all times.

Secure payment

You can buy your tickets through our website, app or at the ticket vending machines, thus minimising contact with third parties. On the coaches, you can pay by card or NFC and, in addition, the ticket will be digital to avoid contact with the driving staff.

Commitment to service quality and the environment

At Aerobús we have implemented a series of actions in which we seek to reduce pollution in Barcelona by committing to sustainable and clean technologies.

In addition, we show a clear commitment to Service Quality by seeking continuous improvement.

Marca Aenor ISO 9001

UNE-EN ISO 9001: Quality Management

It is promoted by the International Organisation for Standarisation (ISO) and nowadays it is accepted as the most solid quality framework in the world, used by almost one hundred and thousand organisations.

Under the requirements of the regulation UNE-EN ISO 9001, Aerobús directs its actions to increase the satisfaction of the client, motivate and train continuously those people involved in our organisation and in general, convert the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the service into a constant objective.

Marca Aenor ISO 14001

UNE-EN ISO 14001: Environmental Management

It is promoted by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and it details the requirements for the implementation of an Environmental Management System, supporting environmental protection and contamination prevention, taking into account the socioeconomic necessities of the organisation.

Aerobús works to offer their clients the option of services every day more friendly to the environment and to promote recycling activities, waste recycling and the reduction as well as the optimisation of resource consumption.

Marca Aenor ISO 39001

UNE-EN ISO 39001:2012 Road Safety Management System

International Standard for Road Safety Management Systems that enables an organisation interacting with the road system to reduce road accidents.

Because our business is on the road and we share it with other road users, operating to this standard enables us to provide a safe approach to our service, the main objective of which is to reduce and eliminate the incidence and risk of fatalities and serious injuries resulting from road accidents.

Marca Aenor UNE-EN 13816

UNE-EN 13816:2003 Quality management in public passenger transport services

European standard for quality management in the transport sector with a greater focus on the passenger’s point of view, needs and expectations.

Under the parameters of this standard, Aerobús is committed to meeting very specific requirements in areas that directly affect users during their journeys.

Marca Aenor 93200

UNE 93200:2008 Service charter

European standard that establishes the requirements for the content, preparation, monitoring and revision of service charters o commitmentsto which the organisation is subject.

Under the parameters of this standard, we communicate and ensure compliance with our services and the commitments we have made to deliver them.

Marca Aenor Protocolo COVID

COVID Protocol

AENOR’s own certification to guarantee safe work and services during the pandemic.

Since 2019, we have had to adapt to a new reality. As a result, the cleaning and disinfection services of our fleet have been reinforced and good hygienic practices have been promoted through the application of protocols, in order to offer our passengers a safe experience.

Certificado CSEAA

Bus and Coach Company Safety Certification (CSEAA)

Sector-specific certification issued by the Instituto Universitario de Investigación del Automóvil to ensure the safety of bus and coach transport companies.