A service for all

Aerobús provides a service fully adapted to the needs of all people with reduced mobility.

accessible stops

  • They have, at least, an adapted itinerary that allows access to information according to the requirements of adapted itineraries of the Accessibility Code of Catalonia.
  • In addition, the presence of Aerobús stops will be signaled with a 120 cm tactile-visual strip with color contrastto ensure their visualization.
  • Around the curb of the stop, another tactile-visual strip will be placed.


All our buses have various mechanisms and measures used to enable an accessible service for all travellers.

  • Places for travelers with reduced mobility or passengers with a disability. The vehicles equip a large space enabled, according to current legislation and guidelines of Decree 135/1995 of the Generalitat of Catalonia and CEPE/ONU 107, for the transport of passengers in wheelchairs. They are marked by stickers and colours, and have more space to travel more comfortably and make movements easier to carry out. They are placed at the beginning of the bus in such a way that they do not have any step or change of level for their access. They also have a safety belt and ischial support.
  • Preferred seats. For people with mobility problems or with a disability.
  • Stop and ramp request (signs). Located in the front area of ​​the bus as well as in the channel of the central door. They are luminous and acoustic devices indicating with voice the action to be carried out. The ramp request is duly signposted.
  • Stop buttons. Marked with the word STOP and actionable with the palm of the hand, including the inscription in braille. They also have acoustic and luminous indication.
  • Adapted soil. It is free of steps or platforms in the front area. It is waterproof at all points, easy to clean and easy to drain.
  • None of the areas occupied by passengers have projections or edges.
  • Bars and handles that comply with current legislation and the Accessibility Regulations.
  • Electric access ramp for wheelchairs or pushchairs. The ramp is placed in the central door of the vehicle, complying with current legislation and Accessibility Regulations (CEPE/ONU 107, RD
    1544/ 2007) . It is resistant and supports a load of up to 300 kg. Dimensions: 1,242 mm x 787 mm x 78 mm, with unfolded dimensions of 1,150 mm.
  • Rolling system (kneeling). Electronically controlled to lower the height of the entrance to the bus.
  • Help facility for people with reduced visibility: optical and acoustic warning devices.
  • Outdoor signage. Corresponding to its approval in accessibility.

Seats for (PRM) do not require prior reservation since our entire fleet of buses is adapted for the transport of people with reduced mobility.

If you bring an assistance dog (including support dogs for people with diabetic and epileptic disorders), they can travel inside the bus free of charge. These should sit on the ground at the passenger’s feet. We remind you that it is mandatory for the dog to carry its leash and all the documentation, especially the one that accredits it as such, since it may be required by the Aerobús staff at the time of boarding.

In addition, the traveler can carry items such as canes or crutches on board, as long as they do not hinder or endanger the rest of the passengers.