Candlelight Barcelona: Musical Immersion in the City of Barcelona

Barcelona, a vibrant city brimming with art and culture, invites you to take part in a unique experience: the Candlelight events. Each month, these concerts transform special places in the city into intimate settings, illuminated by soft candlelight.

Imagine immersing yourself in the melody of your favourite music while being enveloped in a cosy atmosphere. Let yourself be carried away by the musical immersion of Candlelight and live a sensory experience like no other, where music becomes an emotional journey that transports you to another dimension.

These concerts are held in carefully selected venues, from historic churches to majestic halls. The combination of the unique architecture of these spaces and the subdued lighting creates a magical setting to enjoy music at its best.

These candlelit concerts go beyond the music, creating an intimate and memorable connection between artists and audience. The intimate atmosphere allows for a closer experience, where you can feel the passion and skill of the musicians in every note.

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Barcelona, with its mix of history and modernity, offers the perfect setting for extraordinary musical experiences. Candlelight is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of music in an unforgettable setting. Are you ready to let the candles light up your musical night? Here are some of the Candlelight events not to be missed this March:

  • Candlelight Gospel – 7th March

Soak up the spirituality and infectious energy of gospel at the majestic Basilica del Pi. The combination of historic architecture and the powerful voices of the Barcelona Gospel Messengers will transport you on a unique musical journey.

  • Candlelight: Tribute to Queen – From March 22nd to April 19th

Embark on an epic musical journey with the Queen tribute at the Royal Artistic Circle. The Manfred Quartet, a string quartet will guide you through the timeless hits of one of the most legendary bands in rock history.

  • Candlelight: Tribute to Ludovico – March 23rd

Experience the magic of Ludovico’s compositions at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. With Mateu Peramiquel at the piano, this tribute will immerse you in the emotive and evocative music of the renowned pianist and composer.

  • Candlelight: Queen vs. ABBA – 30 March

Enjoy a musical showdown between Queen and ABBA at the prestigious Royal Artistic Circle. With the Manfred String Quartet, this experience will take you through the hits of two musical legends in an elegant setting.

  • Candlelight: Tribute to The Beatles – 30 March

Dive into the nostalgia of The Beatles classics at the iconic Hotel El Palace Barcelona. With the Fantasia String Quintet, this tribute promises an unforgettable evening of timeless music.

  • Candlelight: Tribute to La Oreja de Van Gogh – 24 March

Pay tribute to La Oreja de Van Gogh in the elegant surroundings of the Real Círculo Artístico. With Mateu Peramiquel at the piano, this tribute will take you through the iconic melodies of the renowned Spanish pop band.

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