Legal notice

1. About Us

UTE SERVICIO AEROBÚS – CIF U27518471 (hereinafter, AEROBÚS) is a Temporary Joint Venture (UTE) which is made up of several partner companies (ALCALABUS, S.L., EMPRESA MONFORTE, S.A.U.(EMSA) and CASTROMIL, S.A.U.) which are entities associated to the grouping of companies with related commercial interests that use the brand Monbus* in their commercial activity (hereinafter Monbus*) according to what is established in the privacy policy

(*) See the updated list of entities associated with the group of companies with similar commercial interests that use the Monbus* brand in their commercial activity in the legal notice of the corporate website

In this sense, AEROBÚS has the corporate services of Monbus that support all the branches of activity, of which we highlight the central services of Safety and Prevention, Quality and Environment, Innovation and ICT, Maintenance and Infrastructures, Commercial and Marketing, Human Resources, Legal and Financial Services.

These departments have a very direct involvement with the production structure of AEROBÚS, so that the company enjoys an autonomous and sufficient production organisation, and benefits from numerous synergies and technical contributions from the operational structure of the UTE.

  • Holder of the website: UTE SERVICIO AEROBÚS – CIF U27518471
  • Registered office: Calle Cotón de Arriba, 2 – Polígono Louzaneta. 27297 LUGO
  • Deed of Constitution nº protocol 1241 of the year 2020.
  • E-mail of contact with Data Protection Delegate:

2. Legislation and Jurisdictión

The relations you establish with AEROBÚS or with Monbus* shall be subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

For any controversy that may arise as a consequence of the interpretation or execution of the general conditions of the contract, the parties expressly submit to the competent Courts and Tribunals in accordance with the applicable legislation.

3. General Condition of use of the website and social networks

Through the website you can contract the services offered therein by AEROBÚS and/or Monbus*, committing yourself to comply always with general conditions of use that will be specified below:

  • By using the website, you undertake not to use it for fraudulent purposes, or to carry out acts that could damage the image, interests or rights of AEROBÚS or of Monbus*, its workers or third parties.
  • You also agree not to perform any act that could damage the website, or that could impair its normal operation.
  • With this notice you are informed and accept that access to the website does not imply the beginning of a commercial relationship with AEROBÚS or with Monbus*.
  • AEROBÚS will not be responsible for the information published on the website by a third party. Similarly, AEROBÚS will not be liable in the event that a third party manipulates the information published.
  • This website may contain links to other websites, although the presence of these links, unless expressly indicated otherwise, will only have a purely informative purpose, without being able to consider a suggestion, invitation or recommendation to access them. AEROBÚS reserves the right to withdraw these links at any time and without prior notice. AEROBÚS will not be responsible for the content of the sites linked by means of links that appear in the web portal.
  • The use of the web site will be carried out in any case under your responsibility, and AEROBÚS cannot therefore be held responsible for the improper use that you make, a condition that you recognise and accept.
  • The contracting of the services offered through the web portal will be subject to the General Conditions of Contracting and Transport which you will have to accept beforehand.
  • AEROBÚS will not be responsible for the transport services contracted by the users through the web portal, but the responsibility for them will correspond to the owner of the specific service contracted. Before you complete the purchase process on this website, you will be informed of the company that owns the transport service.
  • AEROBÚS shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused to your computer equipment as a consequence of infection by viruses, Trojans or any other element, and it corresponds to you, as a user of the website, to have tools installed on your equipment for the detection and elimination of this type of elements that may be spread as a consequence of the use of the Internet.
  • Likewise, users of the website and social networks under the responsibility of Monbus undertakes not to carry out conduct that may be considered as tending to incitement to hatred, discrimination and / or assault on the dignity of persons (art. 510 CP). In this sense, the signatory undertakes not to publish content that promotes or encourages a climate of violence, hostility, hatred or discrimination against people, as well as to publish images or information from third parties without their unequivocal consent, insofar as it may involve a violation of fundamental rights, such as the right to privacy or the right to honor, and therefore carry severe consequences.
  • This website will use social networks and virtual communities that will be used as a means of communication and promotion of AEROBÚS and/or Monbus* lounges, events and services. The social networks and virtual communities used are the following: Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Youtube without prejudice to the possibility of using others in the future. The specific objectives through which these media are used are media support and dissemination of the services of AEROBÚS and/or Monbus*.
  • AEROBÚS is not responsible in any case for the truthfulness, accuracy, adequacy, suitability, suitability and updating of the information provided through social networks.
  • The contents established in the social networks are exclusively informative, reason why it is not responsible for the decisions taken by the User from the same ones, neither of the damages and damages produced in the User or in third based on this information.
  • AEROBÚS will try to promote the quality of the information by correcting errors in the data received, as well as in the administration of the sites, and will make it possible for third party users to report offensive and inappropriate comments that are not related to the topics covered, photos published or videos that are not related to the topics for which the aforementioned social networks and communities are intended.
  • In these cases, AEROBÚS, as the administrator of the networks, will have the power to delete any information that does not comply with the quality, purpose and good informative and entertaining service of the social networks. However, despite the intention to ensure the highest quality of content, AEROBÚS will not be held responsible for the information referred to.
  • It is informed that the access to the social networks and communities of which the web makes use for the objectives previously described requires a service/supply on the part of other providers of services of the society of the information. AEROBÚS cannot at any time be held responsible for the reliability, quality, continuity and functioning of the same, and therefore cannot prevent their suspension, cancellation or inaccessibility for reasons beyond AEROBÚS’ control.
  • AEROBÚS and/or Monbus* shall not be liable for damages or losses suffered by the User due to failures or disconnections in the social networks, which may cause loss of information, suspensions, cancellations or interruptions of the service during or prior to the provision of the service.
  • Social networks and communities may allow access to links and other websites. In accordance with the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce, AEROBÚS acts as provider of services of intermediation, reason why it will only be responsible for the contents and services supplied in the linked sites, in the measure in which it has effective knowledge of its illicitness and has not acted with the diligence due to remove them. If the user considers that any of the linked sites includes illicit or inadequate contents, he/she will be able to communicate it to AEROBÚS by means of the mail established at the beginning of the present legal warning, proceeding diligently to withdraw these links. AEROBÚS is in no case responsible for the contents and services offered in the Linked Sites, for what it does not respond of the damages produced by its unlawfulness, quality, outdatedness, unavailability, error or uselessness.
  • In the event that you fail to comply with the conditions of use of the website, or that there is reasonable suspicion that you are failing to comply, AEROBÚS reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate your access to the website, adopting all the technical measures necessary to do so.
  • Access to the website implies that you accept the conditions established in this document, as well as the privacy policy, cookie policy, contract conditions, etc., accessible through this website.

4. Cookies Policy

You can access the Cookies Policy of the web through the following link.

5. Protection of personal data

You can access the Privacy Policy of the web through the following link.

6. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All the contents, elements, designs and applications hosted on this website, whatever their format and characteristics, as well as all the Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights inherent to said web portal, are the property of AEROBÚS and/or of Monbus*, and are protected both by the regulations on Industrial and Intellectual Property and by the rest of the legislation that may be applicable. Said content may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, transferred, transformed or any other dissemination procedure that has not been expressly and previously authorised. AEROBÚS and Monbus* reserve the right to take legal action against those who infringe the rights of ownership referred to above.

The use of the website does not imply the assignment of any intellectual and/or industrial property rights over the website, its contents and/or distinctive signs of AEROBÚS and/or of Monbus*, which implies that, except in those cases in which it is legally permitted, users are expressly prohibited from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting and/or reusing the website, its contents and/or distinctive signs of AEROBÚS and/or of Monbus*.

7. Modification of the legal notice and privacy policy

AEROBÚS reserves the right to carry out, at any time, as many modifications, variations, suppressions or cancellations in the contents and in the form of presentation of the same as it considers appropriate to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as to the practices of the organisation, for which we recommend that you consult our legal notice whenever you consider it pertinent. These changes may affect the content and services offered by both the entity and Monbus* through the website. If you do not agree with any of the changes, you can exercise your rights in accordance with the procedure described in the privacy policy by sending an email to

8. Security and Confidentiality in the payment process

In order to guarantee the security of the transactions carried out through the web portal, the prior verification and management of the information you provide regarding the payment card will be carried out directly by the supplier or issuer of the means of payment used, which adopts other anti-fraud measures that may lead to the rejection of certain types of operations. In this case neither AEROBÚS nor Monbus* will be responsible for the damages that could be caused by the application of the policies approved by the different suppliers or issuers of means of payment.

It is forbidden to use a method of payment owned by a third party except in the case of having the express consent of the abovementioned third party, being responsibility of the user the evidence of such authorisation and assuming all the damages and prejudices caused to AEROBÚS or to Monbus*.

9. Links

This web site may contain links to other web pages, although the presence of these links, unless expressly indicated otherwise, will only have a merely informative purpose, without being able to consider a suggestion, invitation or recommendation to access them. AEROBÚS reserves the right to withdraw these links at any time and without prior notice. AEROBÚS will not be responsible for the content of the sites linked by means of links that appear in the web portal, nor for their conditions of use and confidentiality policies, the user being the only person responsible for checking them and accepting them each time he or she accesses and uses them.

In the event that you consider that there is a site linked to illegal or inappropriate content, please inform AEROBÚS via the email address, so that it can be assessed whether it is necessary to remove the corresponding link and, where appropriate, take appropriate measures.

Any natural or legal person wishing to establish a link from their page or website to this web portal must obtain the prior, express and written authorisation of AEROBÚS. The establishment of said link does not in any case imply the existence of relations between AEROBÚS and/or Monbus* with the owner of the page on which the link has been made, nor does it imply the acceptance and/or approval by AEROBÚS and/or Monbuss* of its contents or services. In any case, AEROBÚS expressly reserves the right to prohibit or disable at any time the links to the web portal.

10. Restricted acces aeras

To enter the restricted access areas, you must have the corresponding passwords. AEROBÚS reserves the right to freely accept or reject any user’s application for registration. The data you enter must be accurate, current, truthful and will be processed and treated in compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data.

In any case you will be responsible for the safekeeping of your access code, so you will be the only responsible for any damage or prejudice arising from an improper use of it, as well as from its loss or any other circumstance which may pose a risk of its use on the part of third not authorised. If you think that a third party has been able to know your access code, you should immediately communicate it to AEROBÚS asking for the blockade and replacement of the access code.

11. Consequence of the nullity of any provision of this document

In the event that any of the provisions contained in this document is declared null and void, it shall be withdrawn or replaced. In any event, such a declaration of invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this document.