NúvolTV, information on board

Monitors on bord Aerobús

NúvolTV is a video broadcasting system that provides information about the Aerobús service and Barcelona’s cultural activities and events in the city.

Each of our vehicles has two screens that broadcast updated information during the journey. The main objective is to offer useful information to make our passengers movements more enjoyable.

Content that enriches your trip

With a dynamic and attractive image, NúvolTV accompanies you during your journey from/to Barcelona Airport or from/to the city center.

On the one hand, you will discover content about the service such us updated information, practical advice, Covid-19 protocol, etc. On the other hand, content of general interest on the Barcelona cultural agenda.

The screens are divided into two spaces. One of them always shows the route and the Aerobús stops. The other space is intended for varied content. This distribution allows us to offer different content:

  • Service information. It shows the routeand next stops. Also, alerts about disruption on the service. Also, alertsabout disruption on the service.
  • Useful information to the passengersuch as the weather of the main European cities, real-time information on flights, practical information for users, etc.
  • Current news about the cultural agenda and the different activitiesin Barcelona.

We work improving the quality of Aerobús service and customer satisfaction.

NúvolTV enriches your experience on board the Aerobús. What are you waiting for to buy your ticket ? Remember we make your journey more comfortable in just 35 minutes.