Start the year off right, travel with Aerobús

New year, new life and that implies: new trips! We love to start the year traveling, one of our favorite hobbies. That is why we want you to do it with Aerobús, with the best comfort and the most appropriate price so that your January trips begin without any unforeseen events.

We know that the January slope is usually difficult, but with Aerobús you will not lose your desire to travel since it is the most comfortable and fastest option to go and return to Barcelona airport.

And you will ask yourself, why Aerobús? Here are the reasons:

  • 24 hour service

The Aerobús service operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can take the bus at any time of the day.


  • Lines A1 and A2

There are two bus lines. Line A1 connects the city center with Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and line A2 connects the city center with Airport Terminal 2.

  • Bus stops

The bus stops from the city center and going towards the airport, both with A1 and A2, you can do it at the following bus stops:

  1. Catalunya square
  2. Sepúlveda – Urgell
  3. Espanya square
  4. Last stop (only to get off the bus) A1: Terminal 1 (Departures, Floor 3) // A2: Terminal 2B


The A1 stops from airport terminal 1 to the city center are:

  1. Terminal 1 (Planta 0)
  2. Espanya square
  3. Gran Via – Borrell
  4. Univeristy square
  5. Catalunya square

The stops of the A2 from the airport terminal 2 to the city center are:

  1. Terminal 2B
  2. Terminal 2C
  3. Espanya square
  4. Gran Via – Borrell
  5. Univeristy square
  6. Catalunya square


  • Schedules

Depending on the line and the time slot there is a frequency of passage.

  • A1:

From Barcelona to Terminal 1 airport:

05:00 am to 06:40 am: Every 10 minutes

From 06:40am to 09:55pm: every 5 minutes

From 9:55 p.m. to 12:35 a.m.: every 10 minutes

12:35am to 05:00am: every 20 minutes


Del aeropuerto Terminal 1 a Barcelona:

From 05:35am to 07:15am: every 10 minutes

From 07:15am to 10:30pm: Every 5 minutes

From 10:30pm to 01:05am: every 10 minutes

From 01:05am to 05:35am: every 20 minutes


  • A2

From Barcelona to Terminal 2 airport:

From 05:00am to 10:30pm: Every 10 minutes

From 10:30pm to 05:00am: Every 20 minuts


From Barcelona to Terminal 2 airport:

From 05:35am to 11:00pm: Every 10 minutes

From 11:00pm to 05:35am: Every 20 minutes


  • Points of sale and information

You can buy the ticket in different places. The most comfortable and sustainable is online shopping. You can buy with a card or PayPal on the website or in the Aerobús App (for Android and Apple).

Once you have done so, you will receive an email with the PDF document with the electronic ticket (if you have done it on the website), or you will have it saved in your orders (if you have done it on the App). You do not need to print it, you can show it directly to the driver from your mobile device.

Another option is to buy it at the bus stop. You have the vending machines, the stop staff or the drivers themselves. In both places there is the option of buying with cash or card.

You can check all the rates that exist directly by clicking here.


Now, you know everything you need to take the Aerobús and start the first trip of 2023.