Sustainable culture in Barcelona: Practices that change the future

Welcome to Barcelona, where sustainability is part of its essence! Discover how this city has integrated sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly practices into its urban fabric. From urban nature experiences to concrete actions such as beach clean-up days, Barcelona invites you to immerse yourself in its sustainable culture, changing not only your journey, but also the future of the planet!

Join us to discover some of the local initiatives that are transforming Barcelona into a benchmark for sustainability. These actions not only shape the city’s present, but also sow the seeds for a more sustainable future. Join us on this tour of the initiatives that make Barcelona a unique place committed to the well-being of the planet!

  • Urban Agriculture in Poble Sec: Horta del Poble-Sec

In the heart of the city, Horta del Poble-Sec emerges as a green oasis, challenging the notion that agriculture only belongs to the countryside. This pioneering urban agriculture initiative not only promotes food self-sufficiency, but also creates an intimate connection between city dwellers and nature. Take part in exciting planting activities, immerse yourself in the city’s fertile soil and discover how Barcelona is sowing the seeds of a more sustainable future. Moreover, by getting involved, you contribute directly to the flourishing of this initiative that enriches both the community and the urban environment. Be an active part of this green revolution in the heart of Barcelona!

  • Clean Beaches, Happy Seas: Beach Clean-up Days

Barcelona, protector of its beautiful beaches, is concerned about its coasts. Join the clean-up days and be an active part of the fight against marine pollution. Dive into the waters of environmental awareness while contributing to keeping Barcelona at its best. Afterwards, take the opportunity to sunbathe, swim or enjoy beach sports in a smoke-free environment. You can even go to a beach bar for a refreshing mojito while enjoying the sea breeze!

  • Cinema, reflection and sustainability: “Barcelona Sustainable and Social Film Festival”.

Cinema meets sustainability at the Barcelona Sustainable and Social Film Festival. Discover powerful stories that address environmental and social issues. Attending this festival is not only educational, but also immerses you in Barcelona’s collective consciousness towards a more sustainable future. This unique event encourages dialogue and proposes solutions to social and environmental problems in cities. The exhibition includes audiovisual screenings, project presentations and discussions that connect guest projects with the public.

  • Recycling in Barcelona: Contribute to local sustainability

Barcelona has adopted effective recycling measures. During your stay, join the commitment to recycle waste properly. Every gesture counts to preserve the beauty of this city, where sustainability is a shared responsibility.

Aerobus: Transforming journeys, shaping a better future

At the heart of public transport, Aerobus is leading the way towards a greener future. With a fleet dedicated to sustainability, hybrid and electric vehicles, and environmental certifications, Aerobús offers a travel experience that goes beyond the conventional, connecting travellers with sustainable mobility in Barcelona.

What about you? How do you contribute to sustainability every day?

On this sustainable journey, we invite you to reflect on your own commitment to the environment. How do you contribute to sustainability in your daily life? Small gestures, such as reducing the use of plastic, recycling, or using public transport, can make a difference. Barcelona inspires you to be an active part of this change. Discover how every choice counts and how, together, we can make our world a more sustainable place. Join the green movement and make every day an opportunity to contribute to change!