The best kebabs in Barcelona: 5 places you must try

Cocina Kebab Turca

Barcelona is a city known for its culinary diversity, and kebabs are no exception. Whether you prefer a doner, a shawarma or a dürüm, the city offers a variety of options that will satisfy all tastes. In this blog, we present five of the best places to enjoy a kebab in Barcelona. And, of course, we’ll tell you how to get there easily with Aerobús.

  1. Bismillah Kebabish

Located in the heart of Raval, Bismillah Kebabish is known for its authentic Pakistani flavor. Their kebabs are full of flavor, thanks to the special marinade and slow cooking. In addition to kebabs, they offer a variety of traditional Pakistani dishes that you will love.

22 Joaquín Costa Street

  1. Kapadokya

Kapadokya offers an authentic experience of Turkish cuisine in the lively neighborhood of Poble Sec. Their specialty is kebabs and traditional Turkish dishes, all prepared with fresh and authentic ingredients. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it a must stop.

6 Fusteria Street

  1. La Rambla Döner Kebab

Located on Barcelona’s famous Rambla, this place is perfect for enjoying a quick and tasty kebab while exploring the city center. They offer a wide variety of options, from doner kebabs to dürüms, all made with high quality ingredients.

La Rambla street, 121

Dürum Kebab

  1. Sannin

Kebab Sannin is an outstanding Lebanese restaurant located in the charming neighborhood of Gràcia in Barcelona. Founded by a family of Lebanese origin, Kebab Sannin has become a reference for lovers of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in the city. The restaurant is named after Mount Sannin, one of the highest mountains in Lebanon, reflecting his commitment to the culinary roots and traditions of his homeland. In addition to kebabs, the restaurant offers a selection of other classic Lebanese dishes, such as falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, shawarma, and fresh salads.

44 Encarnación Street

  1. LalQila Kebab

LalQila Kebab is a well-known kebab restaurant in Barcelona, located in the lively Eixample district. This restaurant distinguishes itself by offering an authentic experience of Turkish cuisine, combining fresh, high quality ingredients with traditional recipes that transport diners directly to Turkey. LalQila Kebab has earned a solid reputation for its kebabs, which are prepared with care and dedication.

204 Valencia Street

These five places represent the best of kebabs in Barcelona, each with its own unique style and flavor. Whether you prefer a classic kebab or something more innovative, you’ll find an option you’ll love.

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