A weekend in London

Are you planning to travel to London soon? The British capital is a city full of places to visit and experiences to live. Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, the London Eye and the Palace of Westminster are just some of the best attractions in a city that everyone who visits falls in love with.

However, sometimes trips are fleeting and a weekend may seem like little time to discover all the secrets of a place like London. However, with good planning and a guide like the one we have prepared for you today at Aerobús you will be able to see the fundamentals. Of course, we assure you… you will want to come back with more time!

Day 1

The place chosen to begin our particular route through London is the metro station, from where we will direct our steps to the famous Tower of London. If you want to enter, we recommend – as in most tourist attractions in the city – buy tickets in advance to avoid unexpected surprises.

From there we will continue our way to Tower Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world and without a doubt an icon of the city. Londoner since 1894. From it you can enjoy a beautiful view of both the city and the River Thames, as well as see the HMS Belfast, a warship converted into a museum on the river itself.

Next to the bridge we will have the City Hall, a construction designed by the famous architect Norman Foster that houses the city hall. Nearby is the second tallest skyscraper in Europe, named The Shard, which is 339 meters high from which we can have an excellent panoramic view…with prior payment, of course.

Continuing along the edge of the Thames we can also visit the Millennium Bridge, a bridge that after crossing it will leave us in front of the impressive cathedral of St. Paul. The National Museum of Modern Art, known worldwide as Tate Modern, is a mandatory stop thanks to its free entry. If you want to stop for lunch, the Borough Market area is an ideal option.

In the afternoon, our steps will take us to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater – which can be visited for the modest amount of 5 pounds – and the Royal National Theatre, the two most famous theaters in London. If you have any strength left and don’t want to leave it for the next day, the Jubilee Gardens and the London Eye are a must-see, but even more so the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben…where we will end a day that will surely leave you exhausted.

Day 2

The second day of our brief trip to London will begin in another of the most famous museums in the world: the British Museum. To get there, the ideal is to get off at the Holborn metro stop or at Tottenham Court Road, from where we will see it properly indicated.

And what would London be without shopping? The most recommended streets in the city for this are undoubtedly Oxford Street and Regent Street, at the beginning of which is the famous Piccadilly Circus square, the place where most meetings of London citizens are probably held throughout the year. And if on the first day you were left wanting museums, the Queen’s Theatre, the Gielgud Theater and the Palace Theater are other notable ones.

Near the latter, near Charing Cross and turning towards Newport Ct, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Chinese community in the Chinatown neighborhood in Soho. Both here and in Leicester Square you will find several places where you can make a well-deserved stop along the way and have something to eat.

Once the stomach has calmed, we will go to Trafalgar Square, built in commemoration of Admiral Nelson’s victory in command of the English troops in Trafalgar. Here we find another of the key cultural points of the visit: the National Gallery of London, which houses fundamental pieces of art history such as Van Gogh’s sunflowers or Velázquez’s Venus in the Mirror.

The Admiralty Arch will be our next stop, after which we will reach the residence of the British royal family: Buckingham Palace. Take a short break in St. James Park is always a good idea before ending the day with a visit to 10 Downing Street – the home of the British Prime Minister – and, of course, a second evening look at Piccadilly Circus.

As you can see, it is perfectly plausible to visit London in just one weekend. Of course, there is no time to waste! So if you are traveling from Barcelona, ​​choose Aerobús to get to the airport and not leave you for a second on the way. Buy your tickets in advance and enjoy the British capital.