School activity “On the march for environmental health”

For yet another year, Aerobús has participated in the school activity promoted by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB): “On the march for environmental health” It is an educational program and the main objective is raising awareness about air pollution in the cities and their effects on human health. On March 14, the students of a class of 2nd ESO of a school in Barcelona, They were the first to participate in the initiative by taking a tour on a 100% electric bus from the Aerobús service, traveling from the Torre Baró viewpoint to the Port of Barcelona.

The activity consists of an electric bus itinerary that goes from the Torre Baró viewpoint to the Port of Barcelona. From the viewpoint you get a broad view of the city of Barcelona, ​​the complexity of the urban system and the problem of air pollution, which allows you to easily identify its origin and the orographic and meteorological factors that affect quality levels. of the air (depending on the day you can see the photochemical smog).

This activity is part of “Compartim un Futur” program of the AMB, where the Aerobús collaborate in two more sessions in the next months. The main objective is promote sustainable mobility reducing pollutant emissions in the new generations, to promote public transport as a tool in our daily lives.