Celebrate the family every day

Every May 15th is celebrated as the International Day of Families.. This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the important role of the family in the education and training of children, as well as fostering family ties and togetherness.


Currently, the concept of the family has been changing over the years in our society. Today there are multiple varieties of families beyond the traditional one, i.e. between a man and a woman. There is a diversity of couples, children and people, which make it possible to diversity in the world, making it better and unique.

Some say that family is not chosen, others say it is… but it turns out that family is the good fortune of having people with whom to share unforgettable moments filled with love and care.. The family is those people who are by your side in the worst moments to lift you up, and in the best moments to support you in your best successes. They are also those who accompany you in your craziest adventures and incredible journeys.

Sometimes we do not value the role of the family in our society, nor are we aware that we grow up and become the person we are, thanks to what the family teaches us. For this reason, celebrate and love the family today, and every day of the year.


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