Do you know the viral backpack for air travel?

Viajar con mochila

With the restrictions of some airlines regarding the size of luggage, many people choose to travel with less luggage and are looking for solutions to save extra luggage cost.

On platforms like Instagram and TikTok is sweeping a model of cabin backpack with the allowed measures of 40x20x25 centimeters and with which you can travel quietly in low cost airlines such as Vueling, Ryanair or EasyJet.

What is the success of cabin backpacks?

The success of these backpacks is due to their design with different compartments and pockets to organize clothes and shoes. Also, because it has compartments for your computer or tablet and front pockets to easily locate and store travel documents and other smaller devices.

Keep reading our blog and we will explain you the best tips to prepare your backpack for your trip.

Tècnica d'enrollar la roba

Tips on how to organize your travel bag:

1. Planning: Make a list of everything you need so you don’t forget anything.

2. Roll up your clothes: Do you know the technique of rolling up your clothes? This way of storing clothes will help you save space. Also, we recommend you to take clothes in neutral colors so you can combine them in different ways.

3. Optimize space: use the small empty spaces inside your backpack to store socks, underwear or other small items. You can put socks inside your shoes to save even more space.

4. Layer items:

    1. First Layer (Bottom): Place the heaviest and least used items at the bottom of the backpack, such as shoes (placed in bags to keep the rest of the clothes clean) or warm clothes.
    2. Second Layer (Center): This is where clothes and toiletries go.
    3. Third Layer (Top): Place the items you need to have more on hand, such as a light jacket, travel documents, and snacks.

5. Quick acces: Place the items you need most frequently in the easy-access outer pockets.

6. Secure documentation: store documentation and other items in the internal compartments.

7. Check: Once you’ve packed everything, check and remove any unnecessary items. Every gram counts when you carry a backpack on your back.

By following these tips, you will be prepared for any kind of trip, ensuring comfort and practicality in your adventure. Remember that Aerobus has a space inside to place suitcases and backpacks. In addition, Aerobús takes you to Barcelona Airport 365 days a year.