“En abril, aguas mil”

We are now entering April, along with spring and the rain that usually falls during this time of the year, because, as the famous spanish proverb says: en abril, aguas mil” (in April, thousands of water).

This expression refers to rainy weather hat usually occurs during April every year, being a common occurrence during this month of the year. In some areas of Spain, during the month of April it usually rains in a more special way.

In addition, there is a replica of the same saying, buit longer, which says: “en abril, aguas mil, y todas en un barril” (in April, a thousand waters, and all in one barrel).. This one, alludes to the fact that, as it rains during this month more than in all the others, it only rains intensely a few days of the month.

The Rain has numerous benefits, here are some of them:

  • It serves as a source of food for nature, as rain is a very important source for sustaining plants, animals, oceans and lakes.
  • Rain helps clean the atmosphere of suspended particles, thereby improving air quality and reducing pollution.
  • When it rains, it contributes to the water cycle, besides being of great importance for the maintenance of the Earth’s equilibrium.
  • Maintains Earth’s temperature control and equilibrium . Did you know that when it rains, rain can cool the air and thus regulate the temperature?
  • When it rains, water can be held in the soil, helping to prevent droughts.
  • Rain is an important element for food production.
  • And, last but not least…. A rainy day can be an opportunity to stay at home relaxing, reading, watching a movie, and much more!

Let’s hope that in April the rain will abound to maintain the balance, improve the climate and air quality, and, above all, improve the drought situation that many areas of Spain are currently suffering.

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