Festes de Gràcia

Festes de Gràcia

The Gràcia Festival is surely one of the most important events of the Barcelona summer, and without a doubt the most anticipated of the year in the Gràcia neighbourhood.

Visit Barcelona during the Gràcia festivities and discover Catalan gastronomy and tradition up close.

From the Aerobús Blog we tell you their origin and what they consist of.

When are the Gràcia festivities held?

The Gràcia festivities are held from August 15 to 21. If you are planning to visit Barcelona during these dates, we advise you to come to this neighborhood to experience the color and atmosphere of this event.

What is the origin of the Festas de Gràcia?

The first written record on the celebration of these festivities dates back to the year 1817. Initially it was celebrated as San Isidro (on May 15) for being the patron saint of farmers. Villa de Gràcia, at that time, was a small town near Barcelona dedicated almost exclusively to agriculture. Years later, when the population increased, its inhabitants became mainly workers, artisans and small merchants. And the patron saint festivities were moved to August 15 and became a benchmark for Catalan culture.

Tradition: streets decoration

One of the characteristics that make these festivities special is the decoration of its streets. The residents prepare the decoration of their stretch of street or square with different themes throughout the year.

Every year the environment is more present and they are made with any sustainable material such as paper, cardboard or even recycled elements such as plastic. Among them, they compete in a contest for the best ornamentation in the neighborhood.

Festes de Gràcia 2023

What to do at the Festes de Gràcia?

Like any good neighborhood party, the Gràcia Festival is designed for everyone. While girls and boys participate in children’s games or in the foam party, young and old enjoy live music, gastronomic stops at a very good price or open-air cinema.

The decorated streets and squares attract not only the inhabitants of the neighborhood, but also visitors and tourists. In order not to be left out of the party, we encourage you to consult the official program and participate in some of the activities.

How to get to Gràcia?

To get to the Gràcia neighborhood you can do it on the Barcelona public transport network (TMB). If you are spending a few days in the city, we have combined tickets that include the Hola Barcelona card with the return ticket on the Aerobús that will take you to El Prat Airport. Without complications and without stress: consult all the details to move from the center to the two airport terminals.