In search of the best bravas in Barcelona!

Tapa de patatas bravas en su salsa

The route of the bravas

Tapas lovers, welcome to an irresistible culinary journey! Barcelona, the city that worships small bites, invites us to a delicious adventure: the search for the best bravas. Join us as we explore some of the most acclaimed restaurants for their secret recipes and potatoes dipped in brava sauce. Get ready for crunchy textures, explosive flavors and unique experiences that will make you salivate.

Elsa y Fred

A reference in Ciutat Vella, with crispy, tender potatoes, bathed in a traditional family sauce. A mild, spicy and addictive flavor.

📍 Rec Comtal street, 11

La Taverna del Clínic

Famous for its fresh products, it offers uniquely shaped bravas, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The sauce, slightly spicy and smoky, makes them an irresistible experience.

📍 Rosellón street, 155

Senyor Vermut

A lively atmosphere and classic bravas with a traditional sauce that never disappoints. A spicy touch for an authentic experience.

📍 Provenza street, 85

Potato tapa with brava sauce


Modern Catalan cuisine with an innovative touch. The bravas are presented in the form of hollow sticks, extra crispy thanks to their double frying. The sauce, spicy and tasty, with a touch of garlic that makes them special.

📍 Paseo de Colon, 9

Sant Antoni Gloriós

Unique bravas that will win you over. A different culinary experience with crispy potatoes and two sauces: cream and maroon. A smoky and spicy flavor that will surprise you.

📍 Manso street, 42

Bar Marcel

A neighborhood bar with tradition and acclaimed bravas. Crispy potatoes and a delicious brava sauce. A cozy and familiar atmosphere to enjoy the Catalan gastronomy.

📍 Santaló street, 42

Tapa of patatas bravas with sauce


A modern reinterpretation of bravas. Unlike other similar establishments, Acero restaurant chooses to serve a variation of Monalisa potatoes, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, bathed in an intense orange sauce with a smoky and spicy flavor. Dried tomatoes, paprika, garlic and caramelized onion for a unique flavor.

📍 Espaseria street, 10

What about you? Have you found your favorite bravas in Barcelona?

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