International Workers’ Day

As every year, 1 May marks International Workers’ Day, a date celebrated in several countries around the world to commemorate the achievements and rights of workers.


The origin of this day dates back to the 19th century, in a period of protest and struggle for fair working conditions for all workers. We go back to the Industrial Revolution, a time when workers faced extremely long working hours, low wages and inhumane conditions.

On 1 May 1886, a significant demonstration took place in Chicago, USA, in which workers demanded the reduction of their working day to eight hours a day. However, the protest ended in a tragic clash known as the Haymarket riot, in which a number of workers and police were killed.

Despite the repression suffered, this demonstration had a significant impact on the struggle for labour rights. In 1889, the Second International of socialist workers proposed the celebration of International Labour Day in commemoration of the events in Chicago in 1889.

In many countries today, 1 May is celebrated as a public holiday and a day to assert labour rights. It is an occasion to remember and recognise the achievements of workers throughout history, and to reflect on the challenges the working class continues to face today.


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