Plan a sustainable trip

At Aerobús we want to teach you how to plan a sustainable trip. Traveling sustainably is a new way of traveling that goes beyond choosing a hotel and a responsible and environmentally friendly means of transportation. They consist of integrating sustainability comprehensively throughout the entire trip in order to leave the least damage to the environment.

If this sounds like an interesting alternative to you, these are some ideas you can start with to make your trip more sustainable:


Choose less polluting means of transport

Travel by plane or train better than by car, CO2 emissions are lower. And when you are there, get around on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

If you are going to rent a car, if possible, choose an electric one to reduce your carbon footprint.


Bet on sustainable accommodation options

You will find more and more alternatives, whether eco-hotels or eco-campsites. They usually use clean and renewable energy sources, have water and electricity saving systems, recover, reuse and recycle, make local purchases, use biodegradable and less polluting cleaning products, to give a few examples.

On platforms like Booking you will find the “Sustainable travel” label if you want to start exploring it.


Be conscious of the foods you eat

Choose local, locally grown foods, opt for restaurants, shops and markets that support the economy of that region and offer employment opportunities to its inhabitants, hire native guides.


Reduce the waste you generate

Do not print the tickets for the different services you have such as the plane, bus, museums, etc. Nowadays, in almost all places, you can show your reservation from your mobile. Disposable and single-use products are more polluting, avoid plastics, opt for recycled and ecological materials, and contribute to the separation of waste.


Benefits of a sustainable trip

Without a doubt, the greatest benefit of ecotourism is the positive impact it generates on the environment, the economy and the culture of the places one visits.

Remember that the Aerobús service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can buy the ticket online here. You can show it directly to the driver from your mobile device.