Saint Patrick’s Day in Barcelona

San Patricio

Saint Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March 17, the date marked by the death of Saint Patrck patron saint. Legend has it that Saint Patrick, to explain the Holy Trinity, picked up a clover and indicated that each leaf represented Father, Son and Holy Spirit For this reason, this saint is related to the three-leaf clover.

Saint Patrick is one of the most followed holidays in the world. In Barcelona, it is also celebrated in many Irish pubs. Today on the Aerobús blog we talk about them and we encourage you to wear shamrocks and green clothing or accesories.

Sant Patrick's day in Barcelona

Dunne’s Irish Bar&Restaurant

Dune’s Irish Bar&Restaurant is one of the most famous Irish pub. Besides, they will practices promotions on the drinks and dishes.

George Payne

George Payne is the city center of Barcelona. A great pub to enjoy music and the best beers. They have one of the best fry ups in town. It is ideal for groups as it has two floors and a large stage.

Michael Collins

It is one of the most emblematic and famous pubs in Barcelona, next to the Sagrada Familia. The Michael Collins Irish Pub, dedicated to the remembered Irish leader, has become the best pub for those who love live music.

The Shamrock

The Shamrock is the oldest of the pubs and not so touristy in the very center of the city of Barcelona. They also wil be screening the rugby and the Premier League action.


Barcelona is full of pubs where they recreate the authentic atmosphere of an Irish pub, with their beers, food and live music. If you want to live an Irish-style experience, stop by one and enjoy!

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