Top 3 countries in Europe with the most Christmas spirit.

This year the cold has arrived suddenly and with the Christmas lights in the cities already on, to all of us who are invaded by the Christmas spirit, we are looking forward to the dates with the most fantasy and joy of the year, Christmas. It is time to sing Christmas carols, give and receive gifts, get together with family and friends and have the excuse of eating sweets such as nougats, polvorones and neulas.

In Europe, Christmas is lived intensely, but do you know the countries that feel the Christmas spirit more intensely?

At Aerobús we want you to know the top 3 countries with the greatest Christmas spirit..


1- Norway

In first position, we find a country in northern Europe. The Christmas holidays in Norway are a veritable festival of lights and are packed with events, the preparations for and celebration of which last for several weeks. The snow and the decoration make this a truly magical time.

Christmas is celebrated on the night of December 24, but Santa Claus does not come, but a leprechaun named Julenissen. Families gather on December 23 to decorate the Christmas tree and bake the typical cookies for this time of year. Different types of cookies are baked at home, the most popular being pepperkaker, krumkaker, fattigmann, kokosmakroner and berlinerkranser.


2- Germany

Second is Germany. In addition to the Christmas markets and the incredible decoration of the streets and houses, the Christmas tradition par excellence is the Advent calendar. Since it dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when German families painted 24 stripes on the wall or on the doors with chalk to later erase one a day until Christmas arrived.

Also, the German Christmas culinary tradition does not disappoint. The famous dried fruit and spice cookies, known as Lebkuchen, are the undisputed stars. In addition, the Glühwein, the typical mulled wine, spaced and sweet and the Feuerzangenbowle, which is mulled wine, but a rum-soaked sugar cube is added and set on fire.


3- Austria

And finally, the third country that has a lot of Christmas spirit is Austria. As in the other two previous countries, the streets and houses of the cities and towns of this region are filled with light and Christmas decorations.

The tradition is that the children burn their letters with the list of gifts in the fireplace, hoping that the Child Jesus will fulfill their wishes and bring them everything they ask for. In addition to the baby Jesus, there are other important figures such as Saint Nicholas (a saint who brings gifts and sweets to children who have behaved well during the year) and Krampus (an evil Christmas demon who terrifies those who have behaved bad).

The culinary tradition at Christmas dinner is carp or stuffed goose.


We have made a brief summary of the traditions that these three countries live, but we encourage you to visit them at Christmas time so that you can live and soak up the Christmas spirit. Even if you are one of those who do not like Christmas, going to one of these three countries will change your mind. If you go to the airport with Aerobús, remember that there is a 24-hour service and that the journey from Plaça Catalunya to Barcelona airport is only 30 minutes. Buy your ticket online here.