Embotona’t Festival

On June 8, the Embotona’t Festival returns to Poble Espanyol, a festival aimed at all people, families and children, which highlights above all the diversity and culture through storytelling, workshops, concerts… and much more!

It is a festival that aims to promote the accessibility of culture and diversity on stage. This initiative was born from Fundació Asapim, a non-profit organization since 1938, which cares for people with severe intellectual disabilities.

This festival encompasses values such as inclusion, transformation, accessibility and rights. It wants to give the opportunity to all people to participate from their capabilities, to build a space of passion and illusion, combining projects and dreams of dignity, making the world a kinder place. In addition, the space is accessible to any physical, sensory and cognitive condition, avoiding any kind of barrier that prevents the enjoyment of the day with the family.

Embotona’t also fights for human rights, fighting for everyone to have the same rights, such as the right to leisure, access to culture, respect, equity and commitment to every detail.

On June 8, the Embotona’t Festival promises to be a spectacular day, full of music, workshops, performances, inclusive giants, and food trucks! Remember that the festival takes place at Poble Espanyol (Avda. Francesc i Guardia, 13, Barcelona), and that to attend the festival you must buy your ticket previously here.

AIn addition, Aerobús stops at Plaça Espanya, dropping you off close to where the festival is held. Button up and have a great time!