Genesis, an immersive light show

Date: From April 12


For the first time, Genesis has arrived in Spain, an Eonarium experience of immersive light that will make you dream with your eyes open. The show will take place from April 12, at the Church of the School of Les Dominiques de Barcelona, at 349 Mallorca Street.

Remember that Aerobús ends its route at Plaza Cataluña, where you can take the metro, or a bus (the D50 or 19), which will take you to the immersive show.

It is an immersive experience that consists of a four-part tour. Each part of the tour focuses on the elements of the first three days of the creation story: light, water, earth, and plants. Genesis gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an exciting journey of the birth of life, through lights, music, projections and animations.

This show can captivate people for the 30 minutes it lasts, inside a beautiful church, thanks to the combination of art, technology and spirituality.. This combination, manages to develop a new concept of beauty and creativity, that amazes the eye of the beholder. It is a mystical and inspirational experience for all audiences.

The experience is lived seated, so the space consists of chair and poufs for each attendee. In order to attend this exceptional and magical experience, you will need to purchase your ticket in advance through their website.

We leave you a video here, so you can get an idea of what this exciting experience is like: