Typical autumn dishes in Barcelona

Platos típicos en otoño

Barcelona is a city that must be visited at any time of the year. We are in autumn and the brown and ocher colors adorn the main streets of Barcelona.

Next, we explain the typical foods of Catalans during the fall. Keep reading!



The autumn product par excellence is mushrooms. In addition, it becomes one of the typical activities at this time of year. Trumpet, cama-sec and camagroc are some of the most common mushrooms to find. Rovellons are the most typical mushrooms in Catalonia. They are usually prepared in different ways. They can be both the main ingredient of the dish and an accompaniment to stews, sauces or salads.


Trinxat food

Trinxat is a typical dish from the Catalan Pyrenees. Its main ingredients are cabbage and bacon. You can add garlic to give it a little more flavor. The mixture is seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and salt.


Chestnuts and sweet potatoes

One of the most recognized and beloved festivals in Catalonia is Castanyada, which is celebrated on the night of October 31, as well as on November 1 to celebrate All Saints’ Day.

The streets of the city are filled with chestnut farms with their roasted chestnut stalls where you can buy freshly roasted chestnuts or sweet potatoes.

Catanyes, panellets i moniatos


One of the most typical sweets of Catalan gastronomy and the one that is most visible during the fall is the panellet. Panellets are also a traditional sweet to celebrate All Saints’ Day, especially during the Castanyada festival. The traditional panallet is the one with pine nuts. It is a sweet dough made with sugar, ground raw almonds, egg and lemon zest, which gives it a spongy texture. The outside is coated with egg white, which helps the layer of pine nuts adhere.


These are just some examples of the typical dishes you can find in Barcelona during autumn. If you are in Barcelona, remember that the Aerobús takes you to El Prat Airport 365 days a year, every 5-10 minutes.