The secret of happiness is traveling

How many times have we heard the phrase: “happiness is not material things, but happiness is moments”? For many, true happiness exists when you travel, as you create unforgettable moments around the world.

There are many phrases that confirm our theory. Therefore, at Aerobús, we give you several examples so that, if you have not yet experienced happiness when traveling, you can see them for yourself. Also, we encourage you to visit the blog entry of The 6 Happiest Cities in the World.

1- Travel to disconnect

“Disconnect to reconnect.” Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break from your daily life and escape to come back with your batteries charged. Traveling is the best way to keep your head entertained and not think about your personal or work problems. A very good option is to travel alone and if you have never done it, dare to do it. We promise it is very rewarding. You can visit the Travel alone in November blog post and get ideas.

2- Travel to know yourself better

Traveling is meeting new people, with thoughts, ideologies, opinions and religions very different from yours. It opens up a new perspective, a new world and a new way of seeing things. It takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to learn to move forward, enhancing your ability to solve problems. Traveling is the best way to learn and get to know yourself and it makes you happier. There are many destinations where you can enjoy aspiritual retreat or yoga/meditation like Bali island in Indonesia, Nepal or India.

3- Travel to fulfill dreams

If you write a list with all the dreams you have and would like to fulfill before you die, this list will probably include points such as getting to know different countries or places where there are wonders of the world. Dreams stop being dreams when you decide to go for them and make them come true. View the destinations in the list, and start organizing the next trip. Don’t collect dreams, collect moments.

4- Travel to say “I love you” or “yes I do”

Although you have to say “I love you” every day, a special and peculiar way is to say it while traveling. There are many romantic and truly magical destinations to say how happy your favorite person makes you and even to propose or say “I do.” If getting married is in your plans, in the blog entry of The best destinations for your honeymoon you will be able to see different destinations to make it a reality.

5- Travel to enjoy friendship or family

“Happiness multiplies when it is shared.” Many of us love to travel with family or friends, since we share unforgettable moments and we will always remember at friends gatherings or family meals. If traveling with your family is your thing, take a look at the Tips for traveling as a family entry.

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