How to prepare your backpack

Do you always travel with a suitcase and this time you have decided on a backpack? Regardless of the destination or the time, what is

How to get to the Barcelona Airport

What are you plans for the next holiday? What’s the best way to get to Barcelona Airport? You don’t need to worry about your luggage,

Tips for amazing family travel

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Barcelona in wheelchair

Barcelona is an accessible city and offers facility for disabled travelers or wheelchair users.

Sant Jordi in Barcelona

The Day of Sant Jordi is one of the most exciting and popular celebrations in Barcelona, a UNESCO City of Literature since 2015.

Live Fallas 2022 as Fallero

Valencia already smells gunpowder! The city is flooded with excited visitors and streets are full of life and spectacular papier-mâché statues (called fallas).

5 free plans in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city that never sleeps and has endless events and places to enjoy. Many of them do not require you to spend money.

The time of the Carnival is here

February is carnival time. Carnival is the most famous party in the world; where music, dances and costumes are more important.

Best brunches in Barcelona

We always want a good breakfast, but Brunch has it all: a late breakfast and a mix of sweet and salty. Now that the good